Updating PhoneControlApp from 08/19/18 Version

Changes: Improved recording of phone calls on Android 4-5-6 and 7 (on some devices, problems are possible – we unsubscribe to consultants) -Capture of messages of the VC of the new version -Capture of Facebook messenger new version messages -Change the read mode of Viber messages. – Fixed crashes when version mismatches -Minor consumption of […]

Update PhoneСontrolApp.com from 05/07/2018 to version

Update PhoneСontrolApp.com from 05/07/2018 to version A complete list of updates and updates to our service can be found below. Application Updates -Added archiving of messages Telegram; -Added archiving of Instagram messages; -Added archiving of messages Gem4me; -Added archiving of Gem4me calls; -Added archiving of Imo messages is added; -Added archiving of calls Imo; […]

How to monitor the mobile phone of the spouse?

If a wife has suspicions about her husband’s faithfulness, she will certainly want to follow the mobile phone of the spouse in order to know where he goes, with whom he talks or texts. For such a secret surveillance, the program Phonecontrolapp.com was created, it positions as a logger application for tracking Android mobile devices. […]

How to track others WhatsApp chat – questions, answers, recommendations

Our spy app PhoneControlApp.com is designed to track devices based on Android (mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.) with access to the Internet. We are asked a lot of questions, and we want to respond to those that relate to the messenger WhatsApp. Can you track WhatsApp messages? With our PhoneControlApp.com application, we can track […]

Description of the WhatsApp spy for the phone

First let’s analyze what is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a special application for smartphones, which allows you to exchange messages, but you do not pay for them, unlike SMS messages. With this application, the user can always be in touch with his friends and acquaintances. Now WhatsApp is popular not only among young people, it is […]

Spy WhatsApp messages in Europe

WhatsApp spy for Android is a spyware program that installed on the phone and allows you to spy WhatsApp messages online. WhatsApp messages in Europe can be tracked by using our program-logger PhoneControlApp.com – a multipurpose spyware program. We will answer the most popular questions that we receive from the people of Europe. How does […]

Where you can download WhatsApp spy in Europe

It is possible to intercept WhatsApp messages with our PhoneControlApp.com logger program, which starts spying from the very first minute as you just install it on the phone of the “right” person. The interface of the program is intuitive, it’s easy to understand where it’s located, it’s installed without much effort and therefore most users […]

How to read the WhatsApp messages in Europe

Ask the question: “How to read others whatsapp messages in Europe? Is it possible?”. We answer of course “Yes”. With the help of our program-logger PhoneControlApp.com is provided a real opportunity to read whatsapp messages of the “right” person to you if its device is based on Android. To do this, install PhoneControlApp.com on the […]

Are there any keyboard spyware for the phone?

A keylogger program or a keylogger program PhoneControlApp.com is able to record buttons that was pressed on the phone, and then save them to a special file. With the help of another device you can monitor what the person wrote, what messages he sent and what passwords he entered. If you translate the name of […]

Parental control on the Samsung phone

Mobile parental control is a hidden program PhoneControlApp.com, installed on the mobile device of the child (phone, tablet or laptop based on Android) to monitor its actions on this device and GPS tracking. What is Samsung’s “Mobile Parental Control”? If your child has a Samsung brand phone, then the spyware program PhoneControlApp.com can be called […]