Description of the WhatsApp spy for the phone

First let’s analyze what is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a special application for smartphones, which allows you to exchange messages, but you do not pay for them, unlike SMS messages. With this application, the user can always be in touch with his friends and acquaintances. Now WhatsApp is popular not only among young people, it is used by people of all ages. But in addition to users of the WhatsApp application, the number of WhatsApp spies for Android is also growing. It is with the help of a WhatsApp spy that people try to intercept messages and thereby monitor the correspondence of their loved ones.

But how does the WhatsApp spy app work for Android?

To begin with, you need to install a spyware program on a mobile phone of a loved one. Service installed without much difficulty. Everything is clear and simple, that’s why most users choose our spy program.

But how to spy on WhatsApp messages?

To do this, use the manual. And more precisely, in the subsection reading WhatsApp on our site provides a complete guide to how to use this function. Before you start spy WhatsApp messages on Android, go to the “Content” tab.

After you have selected the mobile phone in the presented list, click on the “WhatsApp” button. Before you will see the entire list of dialogs, you just select the desired contact and then download messages for any day that you need. Also you can specify the date you want.

Before you save all the data, use the format of the exported file. In order to save everything as an Excel document, use the format “.xls”, and for the text file select the format “.txt” and after that click the “Save” button.

Now let’s sum up:

  • go to the “Content” tab;
  • Choose a device;
  • in the dialog box, select the one you need;
  • open the message list;
  • choose the date;
  • read the messages WhatsApp;
  • save in the format you want.

Everything is very simple and convenient. In addition, you can get information from the Forum. Information is presented in an accessible and understandable form from the users of the program. You will understand that this application does not affect the mobile phone, and you, in turn, will be able to receive all the information you need while tracking a loved one.

Why do you usually use this spyware function?

Many are afraid that their loved ones who are nearby, use a popular instant messenger for hidden correspondence. Naturally, everyone wants to know what exactly is the correspondence. In addition, anxious parents are afraid that their child can send or receive indecent photos. And also there are such employees who use WhatsApp to kill working hours or to pass the most important information of the company. It is for this purpose that our WhatsApp spy is used for Android.