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There are various ways to track your wife: to install tracking app on your wife’s phone, hire a detective, spy your wife through a computer, put a bug to listen to an office or apartment, set up a round-the-clock surveillance, contact a mobile operator, and install a hidden camcorder and on. To any of these methods, many husbands have resorted to more than one year, and we are not going to find out the motives for such behavior, our goal is to find out what kind of wife tracking will be most effective.

So, for some of your personal reasons, you are thinking about how to establish a surveillance on your wife. There are several questions that need to be answered. The answers will help to understand how to effectively organize wife tracking and what type of spying is appropriate in this particular situation.

If you need spying on unfaithful wife (to establish the fact of her physical betrayal with a partner), then you can`t do without a detective agency, a private detective, installing a video camera or bugs. You will either need to contact the agency for spying on your wife or a private detective or set up a video surveillance at the intended place of her date.

If you need shadowing to save your wife from trouble, for example, she just started driving her own car, then the most effective way would be to install on your wife’s phone a spy app PhoneControlApp. Our program will make possible to turn on a microphone or camera on her phone remotely without the spouse’s knowledge and record a conversation, for example, with a policeman in case of an accident. Also our spy program will allow you to track your wife`s location (GPS). It is quiet necessary when wife suddenly stopped at the side of the road and stood there for a long time, because it is possible that road scammers want to “breed” her for money, and you will be able to help in time.

If your spouse is a housewife and leaves the house only for shopping, but does not leave her mobile phone day or night, then there is possible an affair with a friend from the virtual world. It has long been no secret that the line between Internet communication and living real relationships is blurred, and love by correspondence has already become a real threat to the well-being of family life, as well as a real lover living next door. Here our program PhoneControlApp will definitely help – app installs on the phone to track your wife, it allows you to be aware of her correspondence in the Internet, phone conversations, sent and received photos, etc.

If your wife is sitting at the computer and closes the page of the site or the lid of the laptop immediately as you enter the room, then it is reasonable to install spy software for pc. This is one of the sparing methods of spying, which will not bring a strong moral damage, and most importantly will not take a lot of money. Monitoring wige through the computer is carried out as well as through the phone, i.е. a spyware program is installed and messages from instant messengers, social networks, SMS messages, all photos and media files are intercepted and sent to your e-mail. You, at any convenient time, can view all the information received and make sure that your spouse is faithful or unfaithful.

Advantage of the program of spying your wife’s cell phone is that if it turns out that the wife is faithful to you, she will never knows about the spying on her and your relationships will not be destroyed, as “calculate” our PhoneControlApp program is almost impossible (read the article “Is there any invisible spy on the phone that can`t be calculated?”). As practice shows, in most cases, wives around the clock sit on the Internet only for household chores: children’s health, care of indoor plants, care of pets, recipes, dream books, fortune-telling and other such “female” sites. Also, correspondence in Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp and other similar chat rooms (which you intercept and read thanks to the installed program) reduces to discussing the homework of the child, buying a new computer in the classroom or going to the store with a friend.

Think: unjustified mistrust can hurt very much.

How to spy wife through an android phone?

Monitoring wife’s cell phone is quite simple. You need to download app for spying your wife and install it on her phone (this will take no more than 5 minutes). After that, you will have a whole week to track your wife’s phone for free.

Spying on your wife through the cell phone for free within 7 days is given in order that during this time you have already decided exactly whether you need this program or not. If you still need it, then look in the “Payment” tab, subscribe to our website and use all the available features (“Opportunities”) for an unlimited time.

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