How best to read other people’s messages Viber?

Reading other people’s messages and letters is certainly ugly, but as they say: “Curiosity is not a vice” or “if you really want, then you can.” Therefore, the questions “Can viber texts be tracked?” And “How to track viber messages online?” Do not cause much condemnation, and we’ll tell you how to do it competently so that there will not be any unnecessary problems later. After all, unjustified mistrust (if you want to establish surveillance of a wife or husband hidden) can cause serious cooling in the relationship.

Everyone knows that instant messengers Viber, Skype and WhatsApp are widely popular not only for their accessibility and user-friendly interface, but also for the real opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of communication. With the help of these “talkers” you can not only communicate with voice calls, but also send text messages. And, as statistics show, text messages are written on instant messengers (especially Viber) much more often (on average 50 messages per day) than send photos, talk in voice or communicate via video.

Is there a spy program to view viber messages online?
Yes, there is. On the Internet, a lot of spyware programs are provided, which make it possible to read other people’s messages from Weiber and such programs a great variety. To choose a really high-quality application, you need to know a few problems that will come after installing on your phone substandard programs.

After installing a low-quality spyware program, the following may occur: First, the battery on the phone will start discharging very quickly; secondly, applications will load relatively long; thirdly, Internet traffic will be quickly spent. These are the most “obvious symptoms” of the fact that your phone has such an application installed. Therefore, in order to avoid all this, and that the owner of the phone does not have any suspicions that he is being watched, it is necessary to install only a time-tested quality program.

The program is a modern multifunctional logger program that has been in high demand for years. It does not affect the operation of the phone to which it will be installed, it is hidden and it is almost impossible to detect it. It will let you without the risk of being found to access viber messages online through your phone, tablet and PC, in general through all the devices on the android platform.

Viber software free download for android, reading other people’s messages will not be difficult, and its installation on someone else’s phone will not take long.

So can you read other people’s messages in Viber?
Yes, intercept other people’s messages on Viber, read them and keep them to yourself so that if necessary, they can be re-read. To do this, after the installation of, perform the following actions (see the “Manual” tab):

1. Find the “Viber” tab in the device list
To do this, first go to the “DATA” tab, there will be a list of devices. Select the desired phone from this list, click on “Viber”.

2. Find the required dialog
Before you opened a list of dialogues. The names of the interlocutors will be displayed in the headers that are on this messenger. Now select the desired contact, a list will open, which will reflect all the messages in this dialog.

3. Select the desired date
Our program on android to read other people’s messages makes it possible to choose a specific date for correspondence. To do this, you need to specify the day, month and year and click on the “Download” button.

4. Select the desired number of messages
Also, you can not read all the messages in a row, but, for example, the last 20. For this, under the date there is a window where you need to set the number of messages that will open for viewing. After that, click “Save”.

5. Save correspondence in a convenient format
You can save the information in different formats. The most convenient format is “.xls” – it will save messages in Microsoft Excel.

The second most popular format is “.txt” – messages will be saved in a text file Notepad.

Where can I download the application to read other people’s messages?

Viber hack software download for pc on our website. Download it and read other people’s messages for free for a whole week(!). Please note that many spyware programs allow you to use your program for free for no longer than 24 hours, so to speak as a test of functionality.

Our program is a spy, with which you will know how to spy viber messages for free for the whole 7 days is not accidental. During this fairly long period of time, you will understand for yourself whether you need this shadowing for a native person or you can do without it. Of course, this does not apply to those who want to read the messages of their child in order to be aware of his circle of communication and interests. It is also a noble affair to undoubtedly be aware of the correspondence of your elderly parents in time to protect them from possible scammers who twist around the old people.

We advise you to read “User’s manual“. This article details the possible options for shadowing, the differences between different programs and provided convincing facts that our program is really hidden.