How to install a bugger on your wife’s mobile phone?

Many jealous husbands want to know not only how to install a bugger on your wife’s mobile phone, but what program for wiretapping will be effective and really unnoticeable on her phone after installation? Below are complete answers to these and other similar questions.

So, the wiretapping your wife through a mobile phone is a spy app that must satisfy the following three main requirements for this type of application:

  • First, the wiretapping your wife’s iPhone should be multifunctional, i.e. not only listen outgoing and incoming calls, but also intercept messages, photos, media files, give exact coordinates of her location and much more;
  • Secondly, the program of wiretapping and spying your wife should be hidden, in other words, if a wiretap is put on the phone, in no case wife should be aware of this – it is practically the main criterion of a quality spy program;
  • And thirdly, a spy program for wiretapping your wife’s phone should make possible you to see all intercepted text messages, photos and more at convenient for you time, because love correspondence in instant messengers or in social networks can happen both during working hours , and late at night.

Program PhoneControlApp- is a multifunctional listening and spying application which consists of all the above requirements for spyware. The functionality of PhoneControl Appincludes:

  • wiretapping of wife’s phone conversations and recording them;
  • listening surround sound (the ability to turn on microphone remotely);
  • receiving notifications (with an exact date) of outgoing and incoming calls, also from which phone number and on what they were made;
  • interception of messages in instant messengers and social networks (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook);
  • the ability to intercept and read even messages which were deleted by wife (if the program stands and works on her phone at this time already);
  • Save all data to your e-mail or personal cabinet on the site and view them at any convenient for you time;
  • to save on your mail photos and media files received from her phone;
  • use the “wifi network list” command;
  • The ability to take screenshots at certain intervals;
  • 24-hour geolocation system (GPS) that allows you to know the exact location of the spouse, even if she does not answer your call;
  • Detailed routing of the wife’s movement in any time frame and much more.

It is impossible to write the entire list of actions which can be performed with the PhoneControlApp program, as there are really a lot of them. More details about the functionality of this program can be found in the tab “Opportunities“.

Is there a real hidden wiretapping of wife’s mobile phone?

The  PhoneControlApp program is one of the most hidden applications that can not be seen or, by any indication, to understand that it was installed to a simple user (professionals and hackers are not taken into account):

  • During installation you don`t have to hold wife’s phone in your hands for a long time- program for wiretapping your wife’s phone is established in a few minutes;
  • does not impact on work of the phone and its charging – the program has almost no weight;
  • It will NOT be detected in the time of scanning by an antivirus – the application don`t have malware;
  • It will not be displayed in the application list – program PhoneControlApp is installed directly into the system folder;
  • the name of the program will not cause absolutely no suspicions from spouse – in the time of registering you will be able to change the name of wife’s phone’s wiretapping program one time for free;
  • It is impossible to define the program by the icon – the standard robot of the standard green color.
  • However, it has disadvantage: if your wife installed a wiretap on your phone, then you know that you will not be able to infer our program and you will be on the hook until your wife removes it.

How to install a wiretap program on your wife’s phone?
Install the program PhoneControlApp will not be difficult. To download the program of wife’s wiretapping, you need to go to the “Registration and installation of the application” tab, there is a step-by-step instruction how our program installs. You can also download a wiretap app via the “Download” tab. To do this, visit it and click on “Consultant”, where you will receive a download link automatically.

Free wiretap app to your wife`s phone through the Internet will work for seven days after registration. This free weekly use of the program PhoneControlApp will let you test all its features and understand whether you really need to put your wife on wiretapping or still better to trust your second half. And without the time limit, free program for wiretapping your wife`s phone will broadcast her location around the clock. To have further access to all functions after one week, you will need to subscribe, for this, read the “Payment” tab.

Our program PhoneControlApp is the best (by all presented parameters and requirements on such applications) from five recognized programs for tracking the phone, tablet and any device based on android (article “How to monitor a phone with a spy program“).