How to install Spyware Viber on Android in your country

One of the functions of our program is the spy program is monitor viber messages on Android, which allows in your country to read other people’s messages from Weiber, view sent or received photos, and record voice messages that were sent to the messenger using a mobile phone microphone.

Viber messenger in your country has become so popular that it replaced real communication for so many residents of the country. Here, in a virtual reality, relations are born that turn into something more than simple correspondence. That is why the demand for Viber mobile spy software for Android in Moldova is growing every year.

How to install the spyware Android program for Weiber in your country?
Our spy program for Viber will allow in your country to completely seamlessly intercept messages from the messenger, photos and voice messages and forward them to your personal cabinet or E-mail mail that you specify when installing our application.

In order for our spy program to start reading other people’s messages from Weiber in your country, it is necessary to go to the Registration and installation of the application on our website, then to the Download page where the download link is automatically discarded in the Contributor’s deposit. After that, you need to install the program on your Android phone.

How to configure the spyware Viber Android program in your country?

After we install our spyware program Viber Android on the phone you need to configure Viber:

  • – go to the Content tab;
  • – From the appeared list of devices we select the necessary phone and we press Viber;
  • – from the opened list of dialogs, select the desired contact (the names of the interlocutors will be visible in the header);
  • – our program spy for the Android phone will provide the opportunity to select the date of correspondence (specify the day, month and year) and click Download;
  • – Also our spy program for tracking for Weiber will give you a choice: either read all the correspondence in its entirety, or choose a certain amount (for example, the last 10 messages). We put a date under the “window” number and click Save;
  • – choose the format: either “.xls” (messages will be saved in Microsoft Excel), or “.txt” (messages will be saved in a text file).

On this, the spyware setup for Weiber is over, it will take no more than 5-10 minutes. In detail and visually all this is shown in the Video, which is located at the bottom of the main page of our site.

Is the spy program for Viber free in your country?
Our program spy for Viber in your country will work within the first 7 days after its installation will work for free. This is a free demo version that allows you to evaluate the application performance and get acquainted with the full list of functions provided by us (see Features).

After a period of one week, spy functions will be unavailable (see Payment). For an unlimited period, our program spy for Android phone free of charge in your country will show the location of the phone on which it is installed.

Viber location tracker on the map is a great opportunity to have Parental control over the childs located 24/7 while you are not around or when a person close to you has gone by car for a long distance and you want to be aware that with him on the way there is nothing did not happen, or whether the old parents returned from a walk home. Such a possibility is provided by our program by spy absolutely free.

Best parental control app is designed to work in stealth mode, but it has a number of features that allow you to implement a full-fledged child cell phone monitoring:

  • forward the coordinates of the location of the phone in view of the time period
  • forward all incoming and outgoing messages to the e-mail address that was specified in the settings
  • archiving sms and calls
  • Remote start or stop monitoring of the phone using SMS with special keywords
  • intercept online messages from the messenger WhatsApp (root)
  • intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Viber (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Telegram (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Facebook (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Instagram(root)
  • parental lock – block the phone remotely using the Internet
  • archiving phone actions on the site
  • Use 10 devices on one account
  • Monitoring of all photos and sending them to e-mail
  • Screenshots of the screen in time and interval