How to install the app to monitor your children’s phone?

Parental control or the application for monitoring childs phone is a logger program that is installed on the Android device, which transmits information via the Internet and works in a hidden mode. is a multifunctional phone monitoring app for parents who want to know who and what their child is talking about (record calls), where the school field (GPS tracking) is walking, what pages on the Internet are browsing (screenshots), what writes in messages (interception of messages) and many other things (see Opportunities).

Attention! Our program provides the ability to remotely control the child’s phone (lock the phone, turn off WiFi, turn on the microphone for recording, turn on the camera and much more).

Why do I need parental control for android?

Quite often, the child is left to himself, as adults are at work during the day, and he goes home from school to sports clubs or activities.

Cell phone monitoring for parents (monitoring the Android phone) will make sure that the child was at school, that he returned safely home, and then went not just to walk the streets, but went to workout.

Thanks to the apps to monitor childs phone, you will be able to respond in time to the danger that various communities in the Internet may contain, as you will receive all the text messages that the child types in social networks or instant messengers from his phone.

Parental software also allows you to disconnect the Internet for school hours, quietly turn on the camera for video tracking or a microphone to record the conversation of the children in the company.

How to set up a cell phone monitoring for parents?

In order to install mobile phone monitoring application you need to register, download the link and install on the child’s phone.

Program – the best phone monitoring app for parents, which has a huge functionality and works seamlessly for the child.