How to intercept other people’s messages Viber

What is Viber for? Viber is a special application for mobile phones, with which you can exchange messages, as well as make voice calls. To use the application, it is necessary that the mobile device is connected to the Internet and no matter what way – WiFi, 3G, 4G.

Every day, the Internet is increasingly trying to penetrate the life of a person, especially a teenager. Many children simply do not represent their lives without calls, SMS messages, social networks and correspondence in well-known instant messengers. Viber for Android is increasingly popular among children and adolescents. Why is this happening? Because Viber is installed for free on a mobile phone and is the most accessible for teens, and also convenient to use. But also gaining momentum applications that intercept other people’s messages Viber. Most often free viber spy is installed on their mobile devices by parents who want to control their children and their correspondence, as well as to protect them from dangerous and negative information.

Parents can not read messages and view calls directly from the child’s phone, because usually the teen does not part with the phone. Also, it is impossible to intercept messages using viber spy app without access to the child’s phone. But do you think it is easier once to install the spyware program Viber on the mobile phone of the child and intercept his messages or every day stealthily and surreptitiously scan his phone? Of course, you select the first option. For this purpose, a spy Viber for Android was created. But how, do you read Viber messages after you install the spyware on his mobile phone.

To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps:
– Select Viber in the list of devices;
– Select the desired dialog or contact;
– Select the date;
– Save the information received.

To start, click the “DATA” tab, and then select the phone from the list of devices that appears, and then click on “Viber” .(PIC)

After that, you should see a panel with a list of all Viber dialogues, where all the names of contacts will be visible in the headers. When you choose a dialogue, you will see a list of all the messages that were with this contact.

At will, you can select Viber messages for any day. To do this, enter the date you need and click on the “Download” button.

Also you can specify the number of all the latest Viber messages that you need to display in the list.

In addition, you can choose the format “.txt” to save everything in a text file.

Thus, you learned how you can intercept other people’s messages Viber. Viber Spy download in Russian you can on our site just download the version that suits you. Install it in exceptions in firewalls and other similar programs, and use the first 7 days absolutely free. And also we recommend reading about interception of WhatsApp messages in the article about whether it is possible to intercept WhatsApp messages.