How to monitor the mobile phone of the spouse?

If a wife has suspicions about her husband’s faithfulness, she will certainly want to follow the mobile phone of the spouse in order to know where he goes, with whom he talks or texts.

For such a secret surveillance, the program was created, it positions as a logger application for tracking Android mobile devices.

What is monitoring of Android phone?

Monitoring of Android phone – is tracking, where the phone is located and what’s going on it.
With the help of our program, spouse’s phone monitoring will allow:

  • To know with whom, when and about what your spouse spoke on his phone (Record calls);
  • which SMS he receives and sends (Read SMS);
  • Know the location of the spouse at any time of the day, as well as look at the route of his movements in any period of time (GPS tracker for spouse);
  • Be aware of conversations in instant messengers and social networks (Reading Viber, Reading WhatsApp, Reading Facebook, etc.);
  • View received and sent photos (Interception of a photo);
  • Record ambient sound in specified time or with forced message (remote control);
  • View browser history and Chrome, i.e. on which internet pages the spouse came from his phone;
  • and much more (see Opportunities).

How much hidden will be spying on the spouse`s mobile phone?

Now let’s talk about how to spy on your spouse so that he does not notice it. Agree that if you decide to follow, it should be unnoticeable and hidden from the eyes of the spouse, otherwise yours is waiting for a scandal.

There are many links on the Internet to the apps to spy on a spouse nowadays, but most of them either load the system so that it’s easy to determine whether a program is installed on the phone or they are easily computed by a conventional antivirus.

Our spy behind the mobile phone the spouse will follow discreetly. It does not discharge the battery, does not eat up Internet traffic and does not affect the mobile phone.

How to install a spy on spouse cell phone?

In order to install our spy on the phone of the spouse it is necessary:

  • register;
  • go to the Download and download the link that will be given to you automatically;
  • take the spouse’s phone and install the application on it;
  • restart the phone.

A spy on my spouse cell phone installs within 10 minutes. Look at the video on the main page, where it is visually and in detail shown how to install a spy on the phone.