How to track others WhatsApp chat – questions, answers, recommendations

Our spy app is designed to track devices based on Android (mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.) with access to the Internet.

We are asked a lot of questions, and we want to respond to those that relate to the messenger WhatsApp.

Can you track WhatsApp messages?

With our application, we can track WhatsApp messages, however, as with other messengers and social networks.

Our app to track WhatsApp online will archive all incoming and outgoing messages, record voice messages, intercept photos and much more (see Features).

Can you track WhatsApp messages if they are deleted?

Our application will monitor WhatsApp messages and as soon as they appear in the chat, they will immediately archive them. And therefore it does not matter whether the messages are deleted after reading.

How can i spy WhatsApp?

You can spy on WhatsApp, all you need to do is register, go to the Download tab, where you will automatically be given a link to download our spy. Take in hands the phone, tablet or other device Android, to watch which you want, and install on it our spy.

How to track the WhatsApp messages?

First, you need to run the “Get WhatsApp file list” command. Then click on “Read WhatsApp messages”, where the recorded messages will be opened as files. For more information on can we track WhatsApp messages, see the “WhatsApp Message Receiving” tab.

Can you spy on WhatsApp for free?

Our Free WhatsApp tracking app will run for a week in test mode. During these 7 days you will become familiar with all the functions of our spy and make sure of its efficiency. After the expiration of the period, it will be necessary to make a payment.

Install our application to know how to monitor WhatsApp messages and be aware of everything that’s happening there.