Learning to spy on husband phone – PhoneControlApp

How to spy your husband phone? The counter question – why? Ask the question: why do you want to track your loved ones and relatives. The question is truly twofold – on the one hand trust is under a big question and the bitter truth, no matter what it is, is always better than a sweet lie. On the other hand – there is the opportunity to be aware of the events of others’ lives and at the right time to save them from trouble, and it does not matter – whether it is a beloved spouse or a child.

Means for spying
There are not much means for spying. This is primarily about the device, like a hidden microphone / camera and the latest on a private detective. There is also a new field for tracking – remote control and observation using a special application. Appearance of spy apps was an inevitable phenomenon in response to the global expansion of all kinds of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets that have access to the network and serve as communication tools.

In general, experts in network security say that a smartphone / tablet is the concentration of all personal information that you can easily get. What only worth scandals with exposures of the western special services. But how does this happen in reality, if you want to follow the “activity” of your spouse?

From words to practice
If you want to be aware of the personal life of your husband, then the application installed on his phone will tell and show decisively everything that you want to know about his activities during after-hours. But there is a big “but” – not all applications cover the entire functionality of the phone: some record conversations, others just copy SMS, others allow you to read messenger messaging … You need a universal application that will allow you to fully monitor all activities with the phone. The solution is – PhoneControlApp application service!

5 reasons to install a PhoneControlApp application:

  • Read all correspondence – SMS, instant messengers (Viber, WhatsApp).
  • Listen to all incoming / outgoing calls in the entry.
  • Manage the phone you are listening to (on / off, restart, etc.) using SMS with keywords.
  • Know the exact location of the phone in the GPRS system (it is important when you steal the device and to remove dishonest loved ones).
  • You can link an application account to any device and get all the information on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The advantages of the application are in fact dozens! You can view them on the “Features” tab.

Among the advantages of the program is extremely important – the difficulty of finding an application. It is hidden in the root folder, disguised as a system file and without the help of special programs it is not detectable. And this means that it is possible that husband is spying on wife’s cell phone while she reads these lines. If you think “my husband is tracking me”, it’s easier to change the phone than trying to find the installed PhoneControlApp application and delete it.

Best parental control app is designed to work in stealth mode, but it has a number of features that allow you to implement a full-fledged child cell phone monitoring:

  • forward the coordinates of the location of the phone in view of the time period
  • forward all incoming and outgoing messages to the e-mail address that was specified in the settings
  • archiving sms and calls
  • Remote start or stop monitoring of the phone using SMS with special keywords
  • intercept online messages from the messenger WhatsApp (root)
  • intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Viber (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Telegram (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Facebook (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Instagram(root)
  • parental lock – block the phone remotely using the Internet
  • archiving phone actions on the site
  • Use 10 devices on one account
  • Monitoring of all photos and sending them to e-mail
  • Screenshots of the screen in time and interval