Parental Control for Android Cell Phones

Parental controls for Android cell phones is, which allows you to monitor the child’s actions on the phone and be aware of his location at any time of the day.

In order for the cell phone parental control to perform its detail, it is necessary to fulfill two conditions: the phone must be on the basis of Android and have access to the Internet.

Why do you need parental apps for Android?

Parent apps for Android are not necessarily secret surveillance. Thanks to such applications you will be able to find out: what your child is interested in, with whom he communicates, what he thinks about and if it is necessary to react in time.

Kid control app of for children will allow parents to know:

  • what does the child correspond in social networks;
  • with whom and about what it talks (recording of calls, list with phone numbers and duration of calls);
  • what pictures send and receive;
  • what video files it scans;
  • What SMS messages come to it and what it sends;
  • where the child is at a given time;
  • where the child was throughout the day;
  • and much more (see Opportunities).

Our application is not only a top parental control app, but also a parental lock that allows you to remotely monitor your phone.

Our parental lock Android allows you to:

  • enable and disable WiFi / GPRS by remote method (for example, during school hours);
  • remotely turn on the microphone and record ambient sounds;
  • remotely turn on the camera and conduct video surveillance;
  • know where and when the child has changed the SIM card;
  • will block the child’s phone;
  • Clean memory with SMS and format SD card;
  • and much more (see Opportunities).

Where can I download a program to control children?

A link to our program for monitoring children can be found in the Download tab (it will be given automatically). Then you will need to install it on your child’s cell phone.

Set our parental control Android and be aware of everything that your child is doing on his phone.


The program is designed to archive data on the user’s phone. You may not use the software for secret surveillance without notifying the user. Using the software ( for the purpose of surveillance, secret surveillance, spying, mining unofficial information by “wiretapping” and others – you are breaking the laws of almost all countries of the world. All responsibility (criminal, moral, spiritual) when using this software lies on the face which installs the software.

By agreeing to read the user is aware of the gravity of the offense and thus relieves the author of this software is the entire responsibility for the action that in some way be related to the use of this product.

The subscription fee is deducted from the user accounts for the provision of information services (access to personal information, view your own video messages and other data). It is forbidden to transfer personal password to third parties. Our site including his team does not sell software, and in no way associated with the persons who sell applications for tracking, spying and so on.