Parental control on the Samsung phone

Mobile parental control is a hidden program, installed on the mobile device of the child (phone, tablet or laptop based on Android) to monitor its actions on this device and GPS tracking.

What is Samsung’s “Mobile Parental Control”?

If your child has a Samsung brand phone, then the spyware program can be called “Parental control for samsung.”

With the help of Parental Control you will be aware of:

  • who calls the child from the phone (recording of calls);
  • with whom correspond in social networks and messengers;
  • which receives and sends SMS messages;
  • What photos are browsing (monitoring photos and sending them to the server);
  • What sites are visited (browsing history of regular browsers and Chrome);
  • and much more (see Opportunities).

What is the Parental lock android?

The Parental Lock Android will allow you to remotely control the child’s phone:

  • turn on and off the microphone to record ambient sounds;
  • include a webcam for tracking;
  • block the phone;
  • block Wi-Fi;
  • and much more (see Opportunities).

What is Parental GPS Control?

A lot of parents are worried about the child’s movement through the streets when he goes alone from school, especially if he visits various sections.

Like many applications for parental control of mobile phones, determines the location using GPS absolutely for free. In contrast to other similar programs, we also determine using base stations and Wi-Fi points.

Samsung galaxy parental controls will archive all phone actions on the site or save data to your computer.

In order for you to receive all this information, you need to install our program, which will perform a full Parental Control of Samsung.

How to install Parental Control on a Samsung phone?

In order to install Parental Control Samsung must register, go to the Download tab and get a link to our program. Take the child’s phone and install on it. Reload the phone. All this will take no more than 15 minutes.

As soon as you restart the phone, the program will disappear and start working during the first week for free. During these 7 days you will be fully acquainted with all the functions of our program and evaluate it in action.

After a week, the functions will be unavailable and you will need to pay. GPS tracking free will work without time limit.

Now you know how to put the parental control apps for cell phones on Samsung – it’s fast and safe.



The program is designed to archive data on the user’s phone. You may not use the software for secret surveillance without notifying the user. Using the software ( for the purpose of surveillance, secret surveillance, spying, mining unofficial information by “wiretapping” and others – you are breaking the laws of almost all countries of the world. All responsibility (criminal, moral, spiritual) when using this software lies on the face which installs the software.

By agreeing to read the user is aware of the gravity of the offense and thus relieves the author of this software is the entire responsibility for the action that in some way be related to the use of this product.

The subscription fee is deducted from the user accounts for the provision of information services (access to personal information, view your own video messages and other data). It is forbidden to transfer personal password to third parties. Our site including his team does not sell software, and in no way associated with the persons who sell applications for tracking, spying and so on.