Program for tracking a child through the Android phone

The best parental control app for android phone is an application, allowing you to be aware of:

  • – where there was a child during the day (GPS tracking);
  • – what pages on the Internet were browsing (screenshot of the phone screen);
  • – with whom corresponded (Reading WhatsApp, Reading Viber, Facebook);
  • – what sent and received photos (Interception of a photo);
  • – who and when to it called and about what they talked (Recording of calls);
  • – interception of video and audio files (Media tab and Record audio);
  • – and much more (see Opportunities).

What is GPS Tracking?
Parent app for tracking children through GPS installed on their phone is getting information about where and when your child was, where he went and how long he stayed there.
GPS tracking of child cell phone is installed for free and our program will work without time limit – it’s a free feature.

In our GPS program, phone monitoring takes place around the clock (regardless of whether the phone is connected to the Internet or not).

The Internet is only needed to send you the collected information about the child’s finding (detailed routing).

What other functions does the phone monitor application have for tracking a child?
Tracking the child through the phone through our program is not limited only by tracking via GPS, interception of messages, video and audio files or recording of calls – the program allows you to remotely control the child’s phone:

  • – turn on and off the microphone (record the surround sound);
  • – turn on and off the camera;
  • – put a lock on the Internet, for example, during school hours;
  • – be aware of when the child has changed the SIM card;
  • – and more (see Opportunities).

Is program for tracking a child through the phone Android hidden?
Our best phone monitoring app for tracking a child is a hidden spy, which is almost impossible to detect on the phone.

Compared to other similar tracking applications:

  • – Our program for tracking a child Android is installed in the system folder;
  • – child tracking Android does not have an icon and does not appear in the Menu, nor in the Applications, nor in the Uninstallation of programs;
  • – Our application does not load the work of the phone and does not discharge its battery;
  • – when installing, you can give the program any name that does not cause suspicion;

Program is not detected by antivirus software and is not recognized as a software.

We perfectly understand that tracking the child should be secret, and the established program is carefully disguised and that its work does not show itself.

How to install phone control app on the child’s phone?
To start, you need to download the child tracking program via the Download or Install the application. Then, unnoticed, take the child’s phone (literally for 15 minutes) and install our application on it. Customize it to your preferences and reboot the phone.

Since installation, the android parental monitoring app for tracking the child’s phone will begin its espionage activity.

The first 7 days parental phone monitoring is free, all features will work. After a week, you will need to pay for the application. However, to conduct free tracking of the child by phone via GPS you can without time restriction.

If you have a question “How to install parental control router on your phone?” And remained misunderstood, go to the manual or watch the Video, it clearly shows how to install and configure parental monitoring on the phone of the child.

Install the child tracking software – be aware of what “lives” your child is!