Reading messages in social network Facebook

Do you know that now you can read all the messages in various social networks and Facebook is no exception? How is this possible, you will ask? The answer is: very simple. It is enough to install the spy app PhoneControlApp on your mobile phone, and you will be able to spy on someone’s Facebook messages in hidden mode. The Facebook spy app is currently the first necessity for parents to control their children, especially during the transition age. You will receive not only text of messages, but also information about their sender. This is a great chance to protect your child.

If you have doubts about the faithfulness of the spouse or that your child is in a bad company, then our application has been created specifically for you. Only thanks to one installed application on the phone of close person, you will be able to appreciate many of its benefits. In addition, you will have the opportunity to monitor a loved one and you will know where he is at present time. You can absolutely quietly read messages using the Facebook snooping app. We recommend you to learn about all the features of our service.

In all mobile phones based on Android are installed social networking applications such as Facebook, VKontakte and others, as well as popular instant messengers for communication. Our program will allow you to receive all messages from any social network and instant messenger. If you still do not know does it worth to install applications on your child’s mobile phone, then read the article about necessity of application for parental control on phone. If something happens to your child, you will know it first. Installing the application you protect him from trouble.

Almost all teenagers spend their free time in social networks, and messages can contain different themes. To prevent your child regrets about his actions, you should warn him in advance. Be aware of all his messages in social networks, using the Facebook spyware. We need to mention that you will use the spy app only for your personal purposes, and there is nothing illegal in it. Do not worry about how you will receive a report of the child`s massages. All information you will receive in your personal cabinet on the site, and only you can read it. And your child will not even notice anything in his phone.


The program is designed to archive data on the user’s phone. You may not use the software for secret surveillance without notifying the user. Using the software ( for the purpose of surveillance, secret surveillance, spying, mining unofficial information by “wiretapping” and others – you are breaking the laws of almost all countries of the world. All responsibility (criminal, moral, spiritual) when using this software lies on the face which installs the software.

By agreeing to read the user is aware of the gravity of the offense and thus relieves the author of this software is the entire responsibility for the action that in some way be related to the use of this product.

The subscription fee is deducted from the user accounts for the provision of information services (access to personal information, view your own video messages and other data). It is forbidden to transfer personal password to third parties. Our site including his team does not sell software, and in no way associated with the persons who sell applications for tracking, spying and so on.