Spy of WhatsApp messages from someone else’s phone

Messenger WhatsApp – one of the most popular applications for smartphones, which is included in the top 5 most downloaded for years. Across the world, more than 300 million people use this simple program for communication – wherever they are at the moment of communication. By WhatsApp you can call, send messages, images. It is akin to the well-known Skype – it is just as easy to use. Thanks to the obvious advantages WhatsApp is often used to conduct a “double life”: unfaithful wives and husbands send their new passions dozens of messages from their halves under their noses, and children can get into trouble, copying with unknown people and not knowing what. In such situations, a program to spy on whatsapp messages is simply irreplaceable. We will now drop the moment concerning ethics and conscience and tell you in detail what kind of program it is and how it works.

Program: versions and principle of operation

On our site you can download whatsapp spy app for free in 3 versions:

  1. For phones without ROOT access (no access to the root folder);
  2. For phones with ROOT access (there is access to the root folder);
  3. The client part for Android.

The program for phones with ROOT-access has the biggest functionality among other versions:

  • reading messages VC, Viber, WhatsApp, Classmates;
  • automatic updating without notifications;
  • remote inclusion of GPS;
  • It is installed in the system area (ROOT) and works even after a full reset (Hard Reset);
  • remote phone reboot is possible;
  • the ability to make a screenshot – a screenshot.

And how does the program work?
First you need to download the version of the program suitable for the device of the person you are listening to. The program is easy to use, but the most important part is to install it unnoticed on another phone. If you succeeded, then you can start using the spy freely and the installed application on a foreign phone will be impossible to find. And now specifically about how to use the program:

  • Go to the “DATA” tab;
  • Select a phone from the list of devices;
  • Click the “WhatsApp” button;
  • Before you open a list of all the dialogs with the names of contacts;

Select the desired dialog and you can read the correspondence.

If desired, you can set the date of the message search for a particular day, specify the number of messages to display.

Another important function is to save all messages in the formats “.xls” (Excel) and “.txt” (Word / Notepad).

Program for tracking – an excellent opportunity to be aware of what is happening on someone else’s phone. Its installation is justified in cases where there was a place in the relationship of suspicion of infidelity, when the children correspond all day long with whom and about what and when employees at work are occupied with anything, but not by their duties. Download whatsapp tracker free online on our website and be aware of everything that you so stubbornly hide from others!