The best way how to spy your wife`s phone

Many marrieds are wondering how to track wife’s phone and is it possible to do? In spite of the fact that it is illegal to interfere in personal life even a close person, this is not an obstacle not to try to listen to the phone. The most legal way of tracking and tapping the phone is the mobile operator. Today almost all cellular operators provide tracking services for the users.

This information will be completely confidential, and you can receive it only after receiving a special code or other conditions of the mobile operator. More about this method of wife tracking, you can read in the article about how to spy through the mobile operator. In addition, you can find a lot of sites in the Internet which for a fee offer to install a spy phone app, allowing you to listen to conversations of the wife or someone close to you. But it should be taken into account that many of them are usual cheaters.

So, how to spy your spouse cell phone? We propose to use our program for wiretapping and locating of the wife. This is a very handy application that will not take you much time to install and register. How to do this, read on the manual – registration and installation of the application.

How to track my wife`s phone? Usually it happens this way: jealous husband without wife`s knowledge installs a spy app on her mobile phone. After that, at any time he can not only see who his wife was talking to, but also listen to the whole conversation. In addition, the application allows you to receive text messages, correspondence in popular messengers and much more. If you can`t get through to your spouse, then indentify her location with our app. This is also included in the application function. All data you can receive on your e-mail, or view them in your personal cabinet on the site.

With help of the cell phone spy you can always be aware of your wife’s location, as well as not only monitor spouse phone, but also protect her. In this case, the wife does not even know about the availability of the program on her phone. It is completely invisible and does not appear in the general menu of the phone, which allows you to keep tracking in hidden mode. Thus, you can not only catch your wife on cheating, but also make sure of her faithfulness.

Best parental control app is designed to work in stealth mode, but it has a number of features that allow you to implement a full-fledged child cell phone monitoring:

  • forward the coordinates of the location of the phone in view of the time period
  • forward all incoming and outgoing messages to the e-mail address that was specified in the settings
  • archiving sms and calls
  • Remote start or stop monitoring of the phone using SMS with special keywords
  • intercept online messages from the messenger WhatsApp (root)
  • intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Viber (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Telegram (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Facebook (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Instagram(root)
  • parental lock – block the phone remotely using the Internet
  • archiving phone actions on the site
  • Use 10 devices on one account
  • Monitoring of all photos and sending them to e-mail
  • Screenshots of the screen in time and interval