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Updated on June 24, 19th

Updated on June 24, 19th

Attention! Be sure to install it completely – that is, first we remove the old version of the application, reboot, install a new one.
Air update from version below 5 (3, 4.1, 4.3, 4.4, etc.) is not possible.

Version 5.0.5

– Screenshots on Android 5.0 and above are now made without ROOT – when the first screenshot is requested to capture the screen, it is necessary to set the check mark “to remember” and press enable
– Transfer of FCM commands
– Compatibility with Android 9.0 has been developed
– Google Privacy Policy requirements implemented: Notification is issued when recording and removing photos from the camera. To prevent such alerts from appearing on the screen, you must disable them in the notification settings of the phone.
-The modified sound recording system – now works more stable
-Reformed security policy requirements for Android 6.0 and higher: At the first sign-in, the application asks for all the rights it needs. If these or other rights are not granted, these functions will not work correctly
-Secure from disabling administrator functions – when you try to disable the administrator / remove the application, if there is ROOT access the device will be rebooted.
Improved interception of messages Odnoklassniki (Tamtam)
– Improved interception of Viber messages