Watching his wife through the android phone is it possible?

“How to spy wife with an app on android phone” – it’s a popular request in the network. Who and why monitors their faithful people – question of trust and conscience, we will leave it and go directly to solving the problem of tracking.

Tracking remotely via phone

Spying your wife through a computer is piece of cake, especially if she is not great with it, and the computer is common. You can always see the history of visits, install hidden software to read the correspondence, or, in extreme cases, order the hacking of the wife’s page in a social network from some hacker on the network (there are a lot of offers). Spy your wife, how she is cheating (or maybe not, but you need to make sure) you can and through the phone – it’s doubly reliable and productive:

1) In everybody`s phone is keeping a lot of information together – messenger messages, SMS, calls, photos, information on the SIM card (phone numbers), you can always know where the phone owner is at the moment thanks to the global positioning system GPRS.

2) It is enough to install one special application and app will begin to track wife, all her actions with the phone.

One program, one device – the whole life of wife is spread before your eyes.

PhoneControlApp application features

So you made a decision: “I want to spy my wife.” Download the trial version of the application from our site and install it on your phone, after, when the wife step out for 5 minutes, quickly throw off the program on her phone and install. The beauty of the program (Root version) is that it hides in the root folder of the Android system and even with all the desire without specialist and special software it will not be found, ever more deleted. The program is constantly running and according to your requests (messages with keywords), or through a personal cabinet, it will provide different information:

  • forward all SMS messages;
  • Forward all correspondence from instant messengers WhatsApp, Viber;
  • record incoming and outgoing calls and forward them to you in the mail;
  • show the real-time location of the phone via GPS.

Also there is an opportunity with the help of requests to manage the phone remotely: take a picture of the front camera, turn off / switch on the phone, reboot and much more.

How to spy wife through a Viber, how to track wife’s correspondence in the WhatsApp – these and many other possibilities will provide the application and service PhoneControlApp.

PhoneControlApp will teach you how to spy your wife on android phone: although functional is extensive, but intuitive – chose the right device for tracking-made a request-received information. Simply like one-two-three!

Now you know how to spy your wife’s phone. Even if wife has the idea “what if my husband is tracking me through the phone?”, without the help of a specialist and highly specialized software at all desire she will not be able to find out – is it really …


Best parental control app is designed to work in stealth mode, but it has a number of features that allow you to implement a full-fledged child cell phone monitoring:

  • forward the coordinates of the location of the phone in view of the time period
  • forward all incoming and outgoing messages to the e-mail address that was specified in the settings
  • archiving sms and calls
  • Remote start or stop monitoring of the phone using SMS with special keywords
  • intercept online messages from the messenger WhatsApp (root)
  • intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Viber (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Telegram (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Facebook (root)
  • Intercept in the online mode messages from the messenger Instagram(root)
  • parental lock – block the phone remotely using the Internet
  • archiving phone actions on the site
  • Use 10 devices on one account
  • Monitoring of all photos and sending them to e-mail
  • Screenshots of the screen in time and interval