What`s the best way to track the phone?

How to spy on a cell phone? Many ask this question. We omit reasons for such short-sighted act, which cast doubt on loyalty and trust, but we will figure out in detail whether it is possible to monitor cell phone in general and what`s the best way do it. And afterwards you will decide – how to spy on a cell phone of your wife / husband.

Methods of tracking
There are only two methods of tracking:

  1. Tracking via GPS – via a global positioning satellite. This method is 100% working, but there is one “but”. It shows the global location of the phone and only! The GPS method is used by all special services to search for specific people, if their phone is always with them. Also, this method is useful if you have lost your phone and want to find it.
  2. Monitoring the actions of a particular subscriber. Such a “trick” will have place when you contact the operator directly and then for an extremely good reason: search for the missing, the investigation and the like. If you think how to monitor your husband’s phone and want to resort to such a method (which, by the way, is very effective), then your friend should work in the same company and have access to the database. Otherwise, nothing happens.

Spy program
Spy programs have appeared relatively recently, with a boom in smartphone sales around the world. As you know, for phones every day new applications are released for a variety of purposes. Therefore, the emergence of a spy program was inevitable. Today, there are a variety of spy apps for Android phone, but not all of them are useful.

The is not only a spy program, but also a whole service that complements it successfully. One important advantage of the program is that you install it once and you can see SMS, messenger messages from another person’s phone, listen to calls and store any information coming to the phone from outside! About, how to monitor a person through the phone, read on.

How to track with program
Installing the program on your phone, you will not be able to monitor another person. It is necessary to install program on his device! This is an important point, without which you will not know anything. If someone else’s phone was left unattended for a few minutes (what spouses are willing to use to check each other), then you can easily install the software and it’s ready!
And how to spy via the phone? Let’s say you installed the program on two phones. After:

  • Go to the program.
  • Choose from the list of devices the phone you want to track.
  • Choose the messenger you are interested in – WhatsApp, Viber, FaceBook, Skype.
  • Select the desired dialog and you can start reading the correspondence.

Most spyware can be easily detected: they “sit” in the task manager, consume resources and when scanning for viruses and malware the program will “light up”. But the spy from the service is installed in the root system folder; it is masked by the system file and does not give out its presence. Have installed once and you can not worry that the program will be found.

Tracking options
After installing the program on the phone, you can monitor the phone through a computer – read the correspondence, intercept messages from different messengers, receive notifications about incoming and outgoing calls, record conversations, send any media files from phone directly to your e-mail! Install the service on the desired device, go to your personal cabinet and ready! You will immediately begin to receive data from the controlled device. Just do not forget to close the personal cabinet when you get up from computer, otherwise the whole truth about shadowing will open.